Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wildlife park

For some sunshine and fresh air, we went to a wildlife park today. It was a little chilly, but thankfully the puddles weren't frozen (a main attraction for a two-year-old I've come to discover). This park has animals that have been rehabilitated from injuries or handraised in captivity due to the loss of their mother or have been born at the facility.

I wasn't able to capture too many photos due to the above mentioned puddle jumping (although my sister is a star for redirecting):)
You can feed the deer. E had no fear and reached right in to pat her head.

Gabriel was less than thrilled with his first trip to the park. :)
I asked the peacock to shake off a few feathers for us... he didn't go for it.
The wolf that's standing is huge. He must be close to 100 pounds. He was handraised by humans and wags his tail and whimpers to get out just like any dog:
Anyway, that's what we did today!


  1. aww that looks like so much fun :)

  2. Sweet photos, I esp like the ones of the deer and peacock. Too bad you couldn't get that tail feather :)Looks like you had some awesome sunshine too!

  3. Let me know where that is!! My kids would love it there !