Friday, January 16, 2009

Embellishing a Prefold Picture Tutorial

Embellishing a Prefold: A Picture Tutorial

Is your diaper stash lacking a little sparkle? Is your baby adorable and you want to put adorable things on his or her butt? Do you lack the funds to blow hundreds of dollars on custom designs? Embellishing your prefolds may be the answer.

First, put your kids down for a well deserved nap and pluck your freshly washed prefolds from the dryer.
Find, and dust off that hot, metally thing with the nobs and long cord.... ahh... an iron, that's it... and shove aside your partner's wrinkly shirts.
Iron out all of those lovely quilty pillows in your prefolds so they're easier to measure and won't bunch up in your sewing machine.

Next, measure the thicker centre portion of your prefold and pick out your favourite adorable fabric. Here I use flannel because I like cotton. Later I might put some minky on a different one for a built in diaper cover. ;) Cut your fabric to fit the centre part of the diaper that you measured, adding a 1/2 inch seam allowance all the way around.

Next, you fold in the edges of your rectangle of fabric and press them flat. (I do this right on top of the diaper so I know my fabric is the exact same size as the centre of the diaper).

Pin the edges of your fabric down to the diaper.

Now dust off that other necessary piece of machinery, the sewing machine. Also, now's your opportunity to use one of those fancy stitches your machine can do but you may know nothing about... lol

Run your stitch pretty close to the edge of the fabric, all the way around your rectangle. Double back a very short distance at the beginning and end of your sewing to prevent unravelling. (When I come to a corner, I stop with my needle still in the fabric, lift the foot, turn the fabric and continue along the new edge)

Cut any loose strings and voila! you have an adorable new diaper. And just in time... the baby's up from his nap and ready to wear his new custom.



  1. Oh that is adorable! My youngest was in cloth diapers (love them and will use them again if I ever have another) and I wish I would have thought of/saw this.

  2. Cute!! And great tut. I love the minky one

  3. Thank you so much! And I love your sense of humor (totally necessary with kids!).