Monday, March 16, 2009

Charity Auction

Want a chance to own your own "Little Joe"? I've knit this lovely little duo for a charity auction on Hyena Cart. They would like to be adopted to a caring home, perhaps with children, where they will be played with and loved on. :)

More information about this fundraiser and the actual auction which occurs on March 18th, 2009 can be found here (these little knit cuties will be posted sometime over the next 24 hours or so).

Happy Bidding!


  1. I won them from the auction and can't wait to get them! They are coming to a very loving home :) I am keeping one for my 1 year old son and giving one away as a baby shower gift. They are way too cute!!

  2. Heehee! That's awesome. My two-year-old is absolutely in love with hers (and she eyeballs yours everyday!) I just got your shipping address, hoping to pop them in the mail today, or at the latest Monday. If you leave your e-mail here I can send you a note right after they're sent.

  3. They're now on their way to you!

  4. Yay my son is going to love it! So excited! Thanks!