Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More recycled wool

Last night at "creative circle" I made this sweet wool diaper cover (in hopes that summer will soon show it's face). This was a 100% lambswool Gap sweater I found for $4 at a second hand clothing store. I used this training pants pattern which happens to fit very nicely over a diaper on a baby. I used the bottom and collar ribbing of the sweater for the trim areas. It was fun to make and it looks adorable! And I still have enough sweater to make another soaker and a pair of longies or shorties.
If you cloth diaper, it really is worth it to give recycled wool a try. It's a awesome first sewing project, and they work great!


  1. CUTE! I love them, and Gabe is adorable! :) I'm getting set to start my first pair of wool longies, probably tonight! So, do you just sew the edges together? Do you zig zag to finish the edge? I don't have a serger, and though I wish for one, I probably won't get it, LOL!

    Great pictures!

  2. Yeah, I just sew the edges together. I don't worry about the little bits of wool that might pull off later. My sewing machine has a serger-type stitch, so I use that... but I'm sure it would work fine with a regular stitch too.