Friday, March 13, 2009

Where are those pearly whites?

I've been expecting the day when G chews on my hand/arm/cheek and I feel the poke of a tooth, but nothing yet! He's doing the drooling, getting a little chin rash from the acidity, chewing on EVERYTHING, fussing some... but no tooth. Not that I'm rushing him out of that gooey gummy grin, just waiting.

Currently we have an amber teething necklace and some teething toys that I can chill, he also likes chewing on an icecube wrapped in a baby wash cloth... anyone else have good teething remedies?

Sort of on the same topic - I've been doing a lot of reading and research on when babies start solid foods. E was such an eager little eater. She started soft foods at 6 months but at 5 months she was studying us as we ate, opening her mouth as we did, trying to grab food from our hands and attempting to drink from cups. G is so not there yet. The 6 month mark is 9 days away and I don't feel like he can hold himself up enough yet, he still has the "eject" tongue reflex to spit things out, no teeth and he just doesn't seem interested.

Most current research states to take baby's cues for readiness and that starting solids between 7-9 months (or even later) is perfectly acceptable and perhaps superior to starting at 6 months, especially if they aren't ready.

So no solids in the immediate future, but I'm going to start cooking and freezing very soon!

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