Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Run t-shirts, Run!!

My sewing machine and I had a little session last evening. I had just finished a pair of shorties for tiny man and I was knitting the i-cord when I decided I hated knitting i-cords and set it aside for a bit.

So I hunted through the closet and found a giants t-shirt that was given to us (originally a freebie in a box of beer I think!). It's hubby's favourite team, but he doesn't wear this shirt because I've put "booby bumps" in the front of it. So men's shirts are the best for PJs. Sue me.
I cut and refashioned the shirt into a new diaper for the small one:

And here's G all ready and waiting for summer in his new shorties (minus his i-cord), if only the 3 feet of snow outside would stop replenishing itself.


  1. ahhh i love the shorties! i agreet ime for winter... and mesn t-shirts are best for pj tops.. i am afraind i am not putting booby bumps in Quincys these days but rather a big belly bump... great idea for the tshirt!!! andi agree witht eh icord... so not my favorite part of lonies/shorties projects..

  2. Too cute both diaper and baby. I thought "booby bumps" was pretty funny too.

  3. For i-cord, consider one of these:

    It works for worsted weight (even thought it doesn't say so on the package) as long as it's not too fuzzy. It does not work for heavy worsted.

    BTW, what's the yarn on his shorties? I love the colors.