Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun with Kool-aid

So we don't drink Kool-aid around these parts, but it's fun to use as a dye! I've had a pair of plain coloured wool pants sitting around for a while now.. I wanted to dye it but kept procrastinating. That's likely a good thing because I had planned on making it pink or purple for Ella, but now that she's potty trained, she won't be needing it! So I went with lemon-lime and I also attempted to tie-dye it.
Stewing away...

All clear!...

I decided to mute the green and tie-dyed areas a little so I did the process again with a willow green food colouring, and here's my cutie in the finished product...


  1. Adorable colour and gorgeous model!! :)

  2. What a great idea, using kool-aid! Does it wash out in the wash or does it permanently dye? Love it!

  3. It's permanent! Although is can only be used on natural hair fibres... apparently it doesn't take well to cotton or synthetics.