Saturday, February 14, 2009

An "I'm-sewing-too-much" giveaway!!

Draw is TODAY March 1st at 12:00pm Atlantic Time!

I got the idea to have a blog giveaway from an online friend a little while ago but I wasn't sure what I'd "give away". As I was sewing this diaper I realized that my little man has all of the diapers he needs right now and maybe there's another little bum in the world that needs it more.
So here it is folks...

...a pocket fitted made-by-me with the Rita's Rump Pocket pattern . It features a white fleece outer and a brown/black tie-dyed flannel on the inside. It has ruffled leg openings and I added an elastic to the back for those extra-explosive poops. This pattern has long wings designed to wrap around your baby's waist and secure in place with one diaper pin in the front. This is a one-size fits most diaper, although I've only tested the pattern out on my 15 pound 4-month-old. They work great on him.

Due to the fleece outer, this diaper could be worn coverless for a while at home, but you may want to slap on some wool/extra fleece/PUL if you're going out.

And because I can't just give away an empty diaper, it also comes with a double layer flannel wipe and a flannel/cotton terry/bamboo insert.

Remember... I am not a seamstress, I sew for fun so it's certainly not perfect!

And how can you win this diaper you may ask? Post a comment to this blog entry stating the super-creative ways that your family tries to be more "green". It can be anything from making your own diapers to hanging out the laundry to growing vegetables. Tell me what you do to be kind to our world and why it's important to you! I will randomly select one person on March 1st.

******Be sure to leave your name and correct e-mail address so I can contact you for shipping information. Or a link to your blog... just someway I can contact you ******

Thanks and have fun with your entry!


  1. How cool!
    Our biggest green challenge right now is that we have parked the car for the duration of my mat leave. We really only need it for me to get to work, everything else can be done on bike or public transport. Even though gas prices are at a record low, I feel good about all the toxins I am not putting into the air!

  2. We try to use as little paper products as possible. In the kitchen we use dish towels instead of paper towels. We use reusable knit sponges. In the dining room we use cloth napkins. In the bathroom I use cloth toilet paper. We cloth diaper and use cloth wipes. We have also switched to reuseable tissues. This means that we only buy toilet paper once every three or four months and that is about it. My email is

  3. Hey Rebecca.

    Since we moved to Alberta and moved into our own home we have statred down a greener path.

    We have recycle bins in our laundry room for whatever we can recycle, we hang laundry on the line outside when its not -40!! No paper towel in our house, and no plastic bags. We use enviromentally friendly laundry soap, and no dryer sheets. We use only water for cleaning the floors and such. I also use cloth diapers and cloth wipes on both our children at the moment. We orginally bought enough diapers to cover the first child and are having to wash them every day now to have enough to cover the other little bum! This would be a huge help to have more diapers. I plan on giving my younger sister who is due in September whatever diapers I can so that she too can go green!!

    Take care Rebecca, its a great thing that you are doing and I wish I could sew as good as you... if you can't send diapers then I too would LOVE to have the pattern to give it a shot!


  4. We have really been doing a lot to try to be greener. I try my hardest to convince my entire family that they could change just a few littl things in thier life and that would help so much! We cloth diaper of course :) We have a compost pile and recycle. We walk to the store as much as possible, and we do our best to concerve energy at home as well as buy locally whenever possible.

  5. Fun! :)

    We've been making green baby steps for a while now...I use natural soaps/lotions on the kids, use a natural, locally made laundry detergent, use/sell Norwex Enviro products for chemical free/reuseable cleaning products (The only thing I use chemicals on is the toilet, and even that is a more natural alternative). We invested in a HE washer, recycle everything that can be at this point in this ridiculously backwards city (finally getting curbside this spring). Just dove into the cloth diapering world, and am creating my own out of materials I have in the house. We use cloth grocery bags and reuse any plastic bags we happen to get. I am going to buy some mama cloth as soon as I get Parker's diaper stash up to snuff.

    I really enjoyed our veggie garden this past summer, and we bought an electric lawn mower/whipper snipper. All of our light bulbs are the energy efficient ones.

    We have a long way to go, but make small, manageable changes every so often and keep at it! We like to do our part. I'll be watching this post for more ideas, for sure!!

  6. We've limited ourselves to one bag of trash a week by recycling, reusing, renewing and composting what we can. We installed low flow on all our faucets and the toilet. The funnest thing I do is crochet plastic grocery bags into things like rugs and little purses for my neices and thier friends. We mostly use reusable bags, but every once in a while we forget them, or just have more to carry home than we planned on.

  7. Awesome guys! I love the ideas. Don't forget to leave a way for me to contact you if you're the winner!

  8. To be more green we:
    *cloth diaper
    *walk instead of drive
    *use a push mower instead of gas or electric lawn mower
    *hang clothing on a line instead of the dryer

    Lots more too! :)

  9. Awesome idea Rebecca!

    My husband and I started using natural cleaning products a few years ago. Non toxic ingredients you can find in your cupboards at home work hard but are gentle enough to eat off of. Vinegar and baking powder make a great bathroom scrub. For more abrasion, salt is excellent too. Lemon juice and baking soda clean dishes. Vinegar in the wash is refreshing, as you probably already know. I just googled what I needed to clean and TONS of recipes for different needs came up. No more chemicals going down the drain.


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  11. Awesome! So cute!!!! We just moved from very crunchy Austin to Abilene. We now have land and a house. We are planting an organic co-op garden with some friends and I am just starting cloth diapers with my new little one. I am experimenting with sewing them also. I am breastfeeding and recycling also!

    I have also just started making my own cleaners and reusable cleaning supplies (cloth "refills" for my Swiffer products, knitted wash cloths instead of sponges, etc). We are also switching to all renewable energy from the wind farms here in West Texas. Yay! We have come a long way in just the past year! ;)

    Beth (aka "sweetmonkey")

  12. We have just moved from a city to the suburbs and it seems to be getting much harder to live a green lifestyle. Things we are doing now are... taking public transit to work. (we rarely use the car) Recycling everything we can, will start our garden plot in the spring and grow our own veggies and herbs. I almost never buy cut flowers.. (massive amounts of pesticides are sprayed on cut flowers) We use natural cleaning products, and laundry soap, buy organic food whenever possible, buy food that is grown locally. We TRY not buy things with too much packaging. For our baby we breastfeed, we will make our own baby food, we use cloth diapers, we buy natural toys made out of wood and organic fibers with vegetable dyes. We also try to buy everything we can locally, and avoid big box stores, but that is more of a moral battle, and sadly, sometimes the big box stores win. It seems that even with all the effort to be more green, we still end up with some tacky plastic toys, fast food wrappers, and Wall Mart receipts. We are trying though!!!!


  13. don't enter me, I just wanted to say your awesome for having a giveaway :)

  14. This is a grat idea. Love to see what others are doing.

    We cloth Diaper
    Use energy efficient light bulbs
    Use reusable bags when shopping
    Buy used whenever we can
    Use reusable containers for storing lunches
    Try to buy local
    We still have a long way to go though

  15. How cool!

    We cloth diaper, breast-feed, use energy efficient light bulbs, try to buy local, use freecycle lots


  16. So many awesome ideas! I love the reusable swiffer cloths. I'm totally going to make some of those. ;)

  17. You're so nice, what a great give a way !!

    We try to be as green as can be here in beautiful NS.

    All natural cleaning products, buy in bulk, eat raw food, recycle our old diapers into cleaning rags :)

    No need to enter me either ;)


  18. Oh! Pick me pick me!

    We recycle
    turn off lights
    set our thermostat to 68 (and use blankets)
    Reuseable grocery bags
    Cloth diapers (of course!)
    Buy local and at the Farmer's Market frequently
    We also plan to start our own (organic) garden soon. I am so excited about that!
    We don't use paper towels
    Have an HE washer and dryer and use the laundry line during the spring/summer
    I also make my own safe cleaners

    (there's more, but I won't bore you:))

  19. I have just started being more environmentally concious, I guess when I started cding. Here's what I'm trying to do better at:

    -Using more dish rags and towels in the kitchen instead of paper towels
    -Recycling more things
    -Throwing food outside
    -Unplugging things not in use
    -CDs and cloth wipes (obviously)
    -Reusable or paper grocery bags
    -Buy used and utilize Freecycle to give and get
    -Use some energy efficient light bulbs for our most popular lights but hubby doesn't like the fluorescent glow ;)

    Thanks for the lotto! Plus, I love getting ideas from others. Can someone explain how to make reusable Swiffer cloths?


    i'm sure i'll remember some more things we do right after i post this, but here's a start.

    cloth diaper, and sew some of my own too
    use energy efficient light bulbs
    only own one vehicle
    I walk to work, DH carpools
    set thermostat at 66, heat is expensive!we put a space heater by the baby's crib so she's not cold.
    havent bought papertowels or cleaning products except dishsoap in a year
    hand wash and hang dry laundry
    reusable shopping bags, and when we get the plastic ones we use them as trash bags.
    fix DH's ripped jeans instead of buying new ones

    thats all i can think of today!

  21. I'd love to be entered. This is a fantastic blog, and I will be frequenting more often!

    Things that we currently do:
    -cloth diaper and breastfeed
    -large vegetable garden
    -downsized a vehicle to one that uses less gas
    -hubby drives a motorcycle when the weather permits to use even less gas
    -meals from freshest available products rather than prepared or processed foods whenever possible
    -thermostat goes down at night during the winter, up at night during the summer
    -reusable grocery bags and repurpose plastic ones

    Things that we are planning to implement in the near future:
    -will line dry clothes once we have our line up and the weather cooperates
    -repurposing old t-shirts from DH into cleaning rags and cloth towels to be used in place of disposable things
    -bigger garden this year, including freezing/canning what we don't use immediately

    I think that's it... LOL

  22. Oh... Pregnancy brain...

    That last post should have been signed as follows:
    --Tammy (

  23. I am excited that you are sharing your creations with the world that is awesome!! Your sharing will by far encourage others to do so. That to me is the best way to be green to not only do your own part but to pass on knowledge that you have received.

    I currently make my own effort to be green and help lessen the impact on our beautiful world. Some of which includes:
    -composting anything that I can. I would prefer not to have anything to waste but if there is going to be some I would prefer it to go in the compost bin.
    -I take my own bags to the grocery store and purchase less packaged items and more whole items. When the opportunity is there I support local farmers and buy local!
    -I leave the lights off for as long as I can and rely on natural sunlight. I also unplug anything that I am not currently using.
    -I dream of living off the grid one day and encourage others to do the same.
    -I am making a concious effort to be as green as possible with my little one that is set to arrive in May! I am asking that when possible gifts be second hand or made locally. I also plan to cloth diaper! So this diaper would be a welcomed and nice addition to a collection. The plan is to take the pattern you have provided to make some of my own!

    Keep doing what you do Bec!! We can all make a difference:)

  24. Thanks for doing this and your diaper is beautiful. Our family does a variety of things to be more green, including making diapers as much as possible from recycled fabric/clothing, making shorties and longies from recycled fabric/clothing, having our family Christmas gift exchange being homemade items that we generally make from recycled objects, doing much of our shopping at Goodwill or other thrift places because it allows us to reuse, helping get recycling bins are our church, conserving water and electricity, walking where possible, growing our own veggies, etc.
    Rebecca (

  25. I haven't ever really thought of what we do as being "green", just ways to save money and energy! We cloth diaper, breastfeed, turn down the heat, reuse, grow a garden, um, can't think of others right now!


  26. Hmm, I also think of most of the things we do as being money-savers or just plain better for us. i breastfeed, make diapers, and have a garden in the summer. We also have a programmable thermostat to save gas/electricity depending on the season. On the "green" side, I try to use reusable grocery bags at the store.

  27. I thought it would link to my blog, sorry.

  28. Is this still going?
    Let's see, I cloth diaper, use green cleaning products or make my own, we only use the car when we absolutely have to, my hubby does the majority of the grocery shopping on his way home from work, the store is on the way, to save on gas etc, we get all our books at the library to save on paper, I use cloths instead of paper towels, and the list continues. I would LOVE to hang dry our clothes but we live in rain infested Oregon with a tiny backyard, not large enough for a line for our family of 8!
    Katie Barrett