Monday, February 23, 2009

$700 worth of power.

Yikes. We moved in November and got our first full power bill today at our new place. Granted, it's electric heat with not-so-brand-new appliances, but for 2 months the grand total was $716.46. The power company was so kind to explain, "well, the majority of the usage time occurred after the rate increase." Oh well, sorry to continue using power after you increased the price by 10%.


So I'm on a conserving energy kick. Here's my list so far:

- Turning the power bars off when the computer and TV are not in use.

- Break out the slippers and housecoats! Body heat is cheaper than electricity. haha

- It's hard during Canadian winters, but I'm hanging laundry out on the line during sunny days. This will happen more as the weather improves.

- Everything is washed with cold water other than the baby's diapers.

- When I use the clothes dryer, I'm giving things 40 minutes on medium heat. If it's not dry, tough luck, it gets hung up somewhere.

- Using natural light. I'm opening blinds and curtains during the day, it's also good for chasing away the winter blahs. However, once the sun is down, I close them up to keep heat from escaping.

- Short showers.

- I've been taking note of things that are always plugged in and if they don't need to be.. I unplug them.

- Letting my hair dry on its own. My hair will thank me for this anyway.

- I need to fix a tap in the bathroom that's leaking hot water.

Any other suggestions? Anyone have $700 they're looking to give away? haha


  1. we switched to all energy saver lightbulbs & we def. keep things unplugged & turned off. We have mostly gas, but our gas bill + electric can run upwards of $500 US in the winter. It was 10 degrees F yesterday! Oh & all of our appliances are energy star so it likely isn't too much of the oldness of yours...utilities are so pricey! we thought about a wood stove too! :)

    good luck. oh & does the power company offer payment plans? my dad pays like $150 (set) a month, but then in the summer, he gets bills for $0 b/c he's already paid in during the winter...

  2. Yikes, the price! We have the energy saving light bulbs too and If I'm not using it, it is unplugged and off :) I like all your ideas about saving.. I dry alot of my clothes in the house laid flat everywhere, wash day is funny :) My clothes would be frozen stiff if I put them out.. wish I could though :)

  3. Just looking at that makes me want to cry.
    We use a kerosene heater in the winter and that's very cheap. I don't know if they sell them in Canada though.
    Windows help things dry faster, so hang things inside windows in your house or the car. They don't get crisp that way either.
    Good luck.

  4. We bought a cheap folding drying rack at Home Hardware, so I can line dry inside (There's 6 feet of snow on my path to the clothes line. There's no way I'm going over there!) I fluff up my diapers (and some clothes) for 15 minutes in the dryer and then hang them overnight.

    Can you get a wood stove? Our old house had one and we turned the heat waaaay down and mostly used the stove. Wood heat's so nice if you can get it!

  5. Had that happen to us one year, except it was for one month in an apartment with electric baseboard heat, first and last time I can tell you that. The first bill was $549 in dec. and about $600 in jan. If it wasn't for the HEAP emergency payment we would still be paying off that bill. P.S. What does it mean to be crunchy? I've seen that before, just wondering. Thanks. Oh, the diaper giveaway is a great idea. My babe is too big for it I think. She is 15mo. and about 26lbs.