Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little Artist

E LOVES to paint and colour and do crafts. I can set up a little art station for her and she'll create away the time. Sometimes she needs a break so she'll ask to have her hands washed and do something else for a while but she'll come back for as long as her supplies are out. I just have one problem with this... what do I do with all of her lovely artwork? Will I get over the desire to keep every little scrap of paper she puts a mark on? :)


  1. Ah, the eternal question! LOL. I take pictures and put them in a photo book (using Blurb.com). I just can't keep all that stuff. :)

  2. I end up throwing it out.. Recently Ive been scanning some in so I can save more :) Im such a clutter hog and try to keep it all.. My fridge is full of artwork right now

  3. I suggest a "coffee table" book. Like pp said, you can get a photo album or simply a three ring binder and insert her pictures and let her do a cover - or you can sew something pretty and let her help 'design' it- LOL! We used lots of ribbons, and pretty fabrics and she wanted some glue on gems we found at the fabric store. I am leaving it open for addition for a few months at a time and then transferring out all but 10-15 to a big box with a binder clip of my favorites. That way we can 'keep' them but they aren;t running around my floor. ;)

    Beth (aka 'sweetmonkey')