Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sugar free cooking...

They look like they are filled with chocolate-y deliciousness yes?

No. No no no no no no. They are so bland and sponge-like. Blech. This is my second recipe in recent weeks that made me ask, did they actually try this recipe before publishing it? (the other was a pumpkin granola bar).

I've been trying to make the kids more snacks/baked goods that have low-to-no refined sugar. My adventures have not always been successful.

I have found a really cool cookbook however, "Healthy Snacks for Kids" by Penny Warner. So far everything I've made out of it is good, and all of the recipes contain no (or extremely little) refined sugar or added salt. It's from 1983, but I've discovered that she's made some newer versions.

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  1. Sometimes, recipes seem to have a lot of sugar but if you consider how much per serving it is, it turns out to not be too much. And you can always substitute more natural sweeteners for refined. Like honey or agave nectar. Just remember to adjust your liquids. Also, in 1983 food still tasted good. :)