Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's not poison!

I was a little worried about this yogurt experiment. Really, how fine a line do you walk between growing lots of good yogurt bacteria and the type that makes you kneel to the porcelain gods?

Well, I'm happy to report that it turned out great! Homemade organic yogurt, easy peasy. I did some unfortunate timing and ended up needing to scoop it out of the slow cooker for refrigeration at 1:30am, but other than that I was very happy. It has a nice taste and easily made around $16 dollars worth of yogurt if I were to buy the same amount at a grocery store.

I did eat a gigantic bowl myself (with maple syrup, yum!) before allowing my children to eat it... not because I'm greedy, just because I was a little nervous about the whole "growing bacteria" thing.

Just a little toddler activity to share. I wrote out some numbers and drew some shapes on a big piece of paper for a bean bag toss game today. A nice way to learn shapes/colours/numbers and they had a blast keeping "score" on the chalkboard. (Although everyone had the same score because they got to throw until they made their mark!)

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