Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I've always considered March in this area to be another month of winter. There is the odd snow storm, piles of dirty white stuff lining the streets and parking lots. It's actually one of my least favourite months.

March 2010 however is turning out to be awesome! It has been warm, all of the snow is gone, and I've actually had the sun touch my face every day for the past week. I have a serious case of spring fever! (And no, that doesn't mean that baby #3 is on the way, not yet anyway...)

I've had clothing on the line (and it didn't freeze!). Diapers today!

We've raked the grass and turned the soil in the garden (part of it anyway, we're making it bigger!). It definitely needs some more work, but it's not frozen!

The children have played outside almost everyday, often just needing a sweater.

And I've started reading this book, so I must have summer on the mind! (I'll write a mini review a little later)


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