Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mommy Dating

We moved to a new town at the end of November, so I've had to find new things to do with the kiddos. On Monday we went to a breastfeeding group and on Tuesday a pre-schooler play group.

I've never been one to easily make friends. I have had the same friends since my childhood... they are safe and I hope they never leave me because the world of Mommy Dating is a little scary.

I talked to the Moms at these new groups. They all seem very nice and some have children the exact same age as my children, but I can't help but think, "Is their place way bigger/nicer than mine?" "Will they think I'm too young to be a mom of two?" "Does she think I'm boring?" Uggg... at least when one is interested in a man you can fall back on a sexy outfit and some flirting... women are far more complicated.

I would love to have a Mommy friend with a toddler for Ella to play with and a baby for Gabriel to grow with but how does one go about courting a fellow Mom? Do you ask her over for coffee? Do you exchange phone numbers? e-mail addresses?

Why is this so difficult? lol


  1. Mommy dating is way harder than "finding Mr. Right dating". While I do live in the same area as many of my old mom friends (we recently had moved back to my home state)...I still live a little ways from them. My neighbor is about to have a little girl, and I'm trying to find a way to befriend her. haha. We've been neighbors for 2 years haha...

    I think the coffee idea is good. And I agree that we women are far more complicated than men...just be sure of yourself :)

  2. I love this article! how funny, I have often wondered the same thing. I meet another mom with whom I really want to connect, you know? We maybe even exchange phone numbers to get together, but I think I might be way too ready for friendship. The other mom was maybe put off by my enthusiasm. Oh well. Thanks for writing about this.