Thursday, January 22, 2009

Learning Lessons and Sewing Knickers

Today's naptime project was a hat for my son. I mimicked a pre-existing hat given to my daughter when she was an infant. A couple of things went wrong... I've learned a lesson in paying attention to the direction fabric stretches. This hat should have fit my son into toddlerhood, but I turned the fabric and therefore there's no stretch in the earflap/band section. It will go on his head but it's much too tight. It would fit a newborn.
My second problem involved my pattern. I thought I'd save some time by folding the fabric over when I cut but I confused the way I was folding and my hat ended up with an unsightly seam in the front. So here's the finished product, I'll have to try again and work out the kinks for next time!

"Mom, what the heck do you have on my head?"

Onto another project... my daughter is for the most part potty trained. She hasn't had an accident during the day in a long time, but every few nights she wakes up with a wet bed and I feel like it's disrupting her sleep. So I made some training pants for her. I used the Wee Weka Pull-on Trainers pattern found here: . I added a layer of cotton terry covered with a bamboo/cotton fabric at the gusset to soak up accidents, and the outer part is made of fleece for it's water proof properties.
The front...
The inside of the back, showing the soaker.

She's sleeping now, so I hope it fits her! It was fun to sew. I recommend this pattern to anyone looking for a versatile pant/diaper cover/trainer pattern for about age 2.

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  1. i love the hat! it's adorable..

    (and btw, your new layout rocks :))