Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Extra Squishy-ness

I think it's odd that our society is so secretive about weight. We women rarely tell others how much we weigh. But why? People can make educated guesses based on the bone showing, or lack thereof. I've started a new journey in life to become fit and a healthy weight... so I'm just going to put it out there. Numbers and all!

My last year of highschool, I don't remember what I weighed exactly but I was a healthy size 8/9. When I was married in 2005, I was 155 pounds and my wedding dress was a size 10. Pregnancy with my daughter brought me to an impressive 198 pounds and I quickly dropped back to 164. I stopped looking at the scale with my son, but I was slightly over the 200 mark when he was born 9 months ago. Until recently I hovered at 174 pounds and I wear a size 13-ish.

A few months ago I started an aquacise class for ab toning once a week (and boy do my abs need it after one c-section and two babies!), and 4 and a half weeks ago I started a run/walk program 3 times a week. So I've gone from a desk potato to working out 4 times a week! Woohoo for me! And I'm proud to say that I'm now 165 pounds. Down 9 pounds. :)

If only I could commit to changing my eating habits, the weight would come off quicker. But I don't feel ready for that change yet... one thing at a time. But I'm already feeling better, my clothes are fitting like crap (too big!), and I have more energy to play with my children.

My first goal is to be wedding size, at 155 lbs. Secondary to that is a 5k fun run that's happening in the first weekend of September. I want to be able to jog the entire distance. So I'll update periodically with my successes (and backward steps) and you can make me feel better by putting "it" out there and replying to this entry with your current weight. (lol)


  1. Good for you Rebecca! I am just the opposite of you. I hate to exercise, but am more than willing to change my eating habits. Rub off on me a little, will ya?

  2. Following your lead, I wrote a blog post about this. I've never admitted my weight before and haven't admitted my clothing size since high school. Kudos to you for having the courage and giving me mine.