Saturday, January 21, 2012

Little Sickies

Anyone notice that kids are little germ factories? With one in primary, and one in pre-school we get exposed to a whole lot of sickness. Usually the kids are snotty, maybe with a little cough but they generally carry on as usual. This time is different. They are whiny and super needy and clingy. Including during the night. I'm a little tired, but thought I'd share some pictures (don't lean too close, you wouldn't want to catch it).

My slimy growth...

A mountain of sheets and blankets (I feel like I can see the cold viruses)

Some comfort food, banana chip muffins.

A very red-cheeked and cranky boy. All day long, "Mama! Mommy!" (insert high pitched whining)

But they are still having moments of fun...

Sometimes I think being an RN has really helped with this motherhood thing. :)

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