Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Being a Stay-at-home-mom

As the bread-winner for our family, maternity leave gives me a chance to be an at-home mom for a little while. And it also gives my lovely hubby a chance to get out of the house! I'm actually ENJOYING housework and baking and I'm learning a little about decorating a space.

I'm currently reading Nate Berkus' book:

In it, I learned about wasted space. For example, I have a baker's rack in my livingroom/kitchen that acted as a catch all for homeless objects and dust. I cleaned the children's art supplies off the top of the refrigerator and created an art desk from the baker's rack. They use it all the time!

I also removed my open, messy change table and made this dresser work harder to contain clothing and give a spot for the baby's bum changes:

Nate also encourages bringing the outdoors inside. So I now have lovely flowers in my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. They lift my spirits just by being there. I have some hosta leaves and bleeding hearts in my bathroom:

I've also recently jumped back into Flylady,, I love the organization of having routines and it helps motivate me to remove clutter.

Flylady teaches to put something pretty in the spots that tend to gather junk. Like the top of the bureau, I love candles, so I'm deterred from dumping the junk out of my pockets here:

And also from Flylady, the simple act of making my bed sets the tone for my whole day!

And as a stay-at-home-mom, baking has become a zen activity for me. And there's something so "Norman Rockwell" about my two-year-old with his hand in the cookie jar.

And of course, here's the main reason I love being at home:


  1. Yay, you are blogging! And now I must read that book.

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