Monday, November 9, 2009

Late Halloween

I've been terribly neglectful of my blog this fall, but now that the cooler weather is upon us my love for craftiness is reigniting... I think all of the really fun stuff to make is needed in the winter. :)

So as a "Hi blog, I'm back" post, here is one of my recent projects, it took me a week of evenings to complete, but I think they turned out adorable. I bought a simplicity Halloween pattern for a lamb costume, made a few adjustments, winged some bunny paws, and voila, Max and Ruby.


  1. Oh how adorable!!! I watch Max & Ruby with my girls, it's a cute show and my littlest always wonders where there mama is. You did a really great job on their costumes, do you remember which Simplicity pattern it was? I would love to make a bunny costume for my littlest, not for Halloween, just because she loves bunnies.

  2. Simplicity 2788. I pretty much just moved the ears farther up on the head and made them out of white fleece. The little "paws" were pretty easy, I just traced their hands and cut out mitten shapes to fit. They were pretty fun to make!