Monday, September 7, 2009

Dear Tide:

Dear Tide Laundry Detergent.

As my son's first birthday rapidly approaches, I am still angry with you.

Every few nights or so I pull out my favourite nighttime t-shirt. It's a plain gray men's shirt that I bought in the final weeks of pregnancy. I needed something comfy that covered my whole belly. The front reads (faded now), "A little bit of exercise never killed anyone, but why risk it?". This shirt is well worn... and stain free. Here in lies my annoyance.

For birth I decided this shirt made the cut. I wore it the night I went into labour and it stayed on for the duration. My son was born onto this shirt, in all of his newborn gooey-ness. It was a moment I will cherish until my last breath.

It might be gross, but this shirt marinated in a plastic bag for over a week following his birth. I was going to throw it out until I decided it was impossible to part with. It would be the battle-scared trophy from my natural vbac. I would be able to pull it out, look at the stains and remember my son, newly born, taking his first breath.

And so I washed it. I took it from the dryer, and much to my disappointment, all of the stains were gone. I even hollered out my frustration to hubby, and I mention it almost every time I wear that shirt. I guess next time I'll let it stew in a plastic bag for 2 weeks? Maybe I'll just vacuum seal it as is? Anyone have suggestions on laundry detergents that suck?

Darn Tide.

A dissatisfied satisfied customer,



  1. lol. you know...All is one that doesn't get out spaghetti sauce stains, lol.

    oh, and that little story was sweet! so happy for your vbac!!

  2. I dunno, but you made me laugh, which I sort of thought was impossible today. Happy VBAC anniversary (and don't you crunchy people take PICTURES for gahddess' sake?)

  3. I do take pictures, but my shirt was in the laundry and the batteries were dead in my camera. Which reminds me... Dear Duracell,...

  4. Hi there! You don't know me. I found your blog when looking for wraps, etc. and I started reading. As I read that you had a natural vbac, my heart jumped. My first (and only) child was born c-section and I SO WANT to give birth naturally next time (as soon as possible, but I'm still not pregnant). Do you have any words of wisdom for me? It also kinda sounds like you gave birth at home ... did you? If so, my heart soars again 'cause that's what I really want to do! Anyway, nice to meet you and I would love a response!