Friday, April 17, 2009

What we're up to.

My second week back to work has fizzled away. As it was the first time around, the dread beforehand was worse than real life. I do miss my kids while I'm at work, but going home twice a day to nurse my son makes it a whole lot easier. So now the countdown to summer break begins. :)

Easter was fun. E had a wonderful time doing an egg hunt and even though it snowed that weekend, she still had some outdoor fun. (Spring is more than welcome to show up any time now!)

My new found love for crafting has slowed, but has not died. I just finished knitting 4 dolls for trades (trading for wipes, dryer balls and a new pocket diaper! woot!) and I've started another pair of shorties for Gabriel to wear this summer.

Example of the doll sets I've been making:

Gabriel's new shorties-to-be:

I have sewing projects on the go (they've been this way for quite some time now). I'm making some mama head scarfs, I need to make bedding for E's new doll crib, I need to fix a hole in my bed skirt (as a certain toddler uses it as a foothold to climb onto our bed). When I was young (maybe 7 or 8?) one of my aunts used to let us embroider at her house... and I'd like to try it again. E is starting to draw pictures that actually look like faces and I want to embroider one (or more) of her drawings and frame it... so now I just need to re-teach and refresh my embroidery skills (if you could call them that).

I also need to reupholster my dining room chairs. Before you think I'm some kind of know-it-all... no, I have never in my life put new fabric on a piece of furniture... but the lovely creamy white fabric is just not working with the finger paint and food stains, and so I will try. I have the fabric. I have the staple gun. I've watched home decorating shows. It can't be too difficult... right?!

The embarrassingly stained chair and the new fabric:

Our weekly creative circle is also still trucking along. Occasionally it has been a little sparse member-wise with one having a baby and one finishing school, but I look forward to it every week. It's nice to have a time set aside where I know I'll get some knitting or sewing done. ;)

Some of our most recent projects:

Letters for a toddler's room ~
Doll knitting ~
Painting ~ (we just let her do as she wishes at her art table... haha)

And one of our members has been MIA because she was making this ~ (awwwww)

News on the baby front: I have pictures and video of E's first time pulling herself into a standing position.

Ella, 9 months old~

I will not have the same documentation of this first for G. Last night he awoke at about 1:30am for a little boobie snack. I snoozed for a few minutes, hoping he would go back to sleep. When it was clear he wasn't going to, I went to get him. And there I find my son, standing in his crib, and since the mattress is still at the highest setting, arms and head dangling over the side *insert Mommy heart attack here*.
So needless to say, no middle-of-the-night-first-pull-to-stand pictures. And I suppose it's time to lower the crib mattress. Why don't I just get him a toddler bed and save myself the surprise of my baby hitting another milestone and getting closer to toddler-hood?
Also, he's starting into some non-booby food (I guess it's also time to start steaming/baking/mashing/blending. I normally hate cooking, but there's a certain satisfaction in making my own baby food):

Longest blog post eva. Ha!


  1. Rebecca! Our dollie set arrived today they are adorable. My older son was sad that one of the dolls wasn't for him. I'm going to have to figure out the pattern myself, or another trade with you. Do you think you could make a doll with wearing a construction vest? :)


  2. Your kiddos are so precious!

    My daughter started the crib gymnastics early also. I also narrowly missed the Mommy-heart-attack-tumble with her. I think we are just gonna start Ian in the crib with it lowered. I can't handle the worry-LOL! :)