Saturday, December 27, 2008

I would have loved this as a child...

... but apparently my strong-willed daughter does not. I was almost giddy as I sat down to make this tutu for my girl. I lovingly selected the coloured tulle and matching ribbon, I carefully cut the tulle and tied it to the waistband for almost two hours. I was so pleased with myself as I held it up and she put it on declaring herself "Princess Dora!"... but then the tulle was too scratchy on her naked potty training behind and she promptly yelled "Owie!", pulled it off and ran for it.

Coincidentally, it perfectly matches the leggings I knit for her that she also refuses to wear.

Sigh... toddlers...


  1. maybe you remember me from pgo, but maybe not, but i love this tutu!i'm making one for my daughter for her 1st bday...i may steal your color scheme :)

    sorry she didn't like it much...

  2. Thanks! And yes, I remember you. :) I think the colours turned out very nice together.